Been wating to try your hand in growing your own food? Potatoes are a great place to start!

Amazingly, one seed potato can produce up to 10 – 12 small eating potatoes or 5 – 8 large ones. A seed potato costs as little as 20p and all they need is some soil, sun, rain and a little attention.

If you’ve got no soil for planting, come and join us at Spud Club at Claver Hill. Where we all share the planting and weeding. We also all share the harvest. As well as spuds we grow huge amounts of vegetables and we share it all. You do not need a garden or allotment to grow potatoes, seed potatoes will grow in a bucket. They are great for all the family to enjoy planting them, watching them grow and eating them. Potatoes are the most versatile vegetable eat them; boiled, mashed, roasted, chipped, fried, however!

As well as saving money and the carbon costs of transporting them. Home grown spuds taste wonderful fresh from the ground.

Saturday the 28th Jan from 10am – 3pm is Lancaster’s famous Potato Day at the Friends Meeting House, next to Lancaster train station. There will be hundreds of organic seed potatoes for sale. As well as stalls about local food. The purpose of Potato Day is to make it easier for more of us to grow local food – which is becoming ever more important given the global situation. The event is run by Claver Hill community group on a not-for-profit basis. We are all volunteers and just want more people to grow more potatoes. You can buy a few seed potatoes to experiment with or more if you have an allotment.

As well as spuds and stalls, will be Global Village Cafe providing us with delicious snacks and lunch. With a potato theme. Not to be missed. The Lancaster area has a thriving local food scene you might want to check out. Local food is better for us and for our planet.

Everyone is welcome, whether you want to buy spuds or not. We are a friendly bunch so please do pop along. There will be homemade jams, produce, fruit bushes and trees for sale and seed saving as well. A really good way to connect with growing better local food, while bringing down the cost.

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