On 14 June people gathered at the Platform in Morecambe for FoodFutures annual reflection and celebration day. Time travelling, dreaming, discussing, eating and action planning all formed part of a day that aimed to grow our food futures and cultivate a more connected “healthy, resilient and fair food system” here in North Lancashire

A series of breakout groups and discussions formed around some strategic long-term work, including:

  • Reducing food and other waste across Lancaster District.
  • Developing and purchasing a community farm in 2024-25.
  • Sharing knowledge around how to do emergency food support well.
  • Developing a local food hub to support more direct sales between local food producers and local eaters.
  • Growing food and biodiversity in schools through the WhereThe Wildings Are! project.
  • ReFilberts Too! A social enterprise bakery that’s powered by the sun and embedded in various communities.
  • Developing a business network around the Good Food Manifesto.
  • Shaping a research strategy that evidences need, successes and learnings and helps to shift food-related policy whilst building collaborative research approaches.

You can now read a type up of the day’s dreams, discussions and work HERE.


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