Hi, I am Alison! I would like to introduce myself as one of the new ‘Food Champions’ for FoodFutures. These turbulent times we are living through have led me to admire the organisations that work together to tackle food poverty and distribution under constant changing circumstances. Moves towards a more resilient food growing and sharing network in North are vital as ever.

I am an allotment grower, first in Wales and now on Torrisholme Road allotments. This site was once a market garden, providing some of the food for our district. Our allotments are still hubs of local food growing and a cause for celebration. We have some fantastic green spaces and I would love to see pockets of visible, inclusive food growing, alongside our pollinator schemes and amenity spaces, giving people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to grow and eat local fruit and veg. I hope more people can engage in individual and community growing in coming years.

I completed a Permaculture Design Certificate in 2017 and this turned many of my ideas and assumptions on their heads. I gained a much greater understanding of the strength of connectedness; in communities, organisations and through observing and working parallel with the natural world. From a gloomy outlook about the future of our planet and its inhabitants, I developed a hopeful and solution-oriented way of looking at things. I would like to contribute some energy into championing local growing by helping to strengthen FoodFutures web of communication.

I live in North Lancaster, where I work as a self-employed Aromatherapist, and I hope in particular to be able to represent this part of the district, which stretches from the Bay Gateway to Halton Road and north to Beaumont. We have many tools at our disposal these days with social media and instant information but I also hope to be involved in some slower, in person, practical activity; getting my hands in the soil!

Could you be a FoodFutures Local Food Champion? FoodFutures is seeking to build a network of Local Food Champions throughout Lancaster District to support the development of a decentralised sustainable food network and the telling of stories from across the District.

Find out more information and to apply visit – https://forms.gle/EBYU4LxYHnY88t5dA

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