Mud, rain and pulling up weeds just about sums up the first few weeks of life down on The Plot – far from any idyllic ideas around growing your own veg. The harsh reality is that it’s tough. It’s repetitive work but it’s fun and rewarding, too. I really look forward to my 2 days a week being a trainee grower.

When I’m not on The Plot, I’m usually found in the woods. I’m a Forest School Leader for the local Forest School, Roots to Branches, and this year we are growing our own veg to cook within our sessions. This is part of our wider initiative to encourage families to grow their own food at home. I’m hoping my new found skills at The Plot can be transferred to Forest School so that I can help others discover their own passion for growing.

I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors. I come from a farming background but my love of growing started a couple of years ago when I acquired a small allotment. So far I’ve had a go at growing lettuce, spinach, courgette, herbs, strawberries, onions, garlic and potatoes. It’s true what they say, it really does taste better when you grow it yourself!

So much has happened at The Plot already. In just the first 5 weeks we dug out weeds, prepared new beds, planted seeds, rotovated the new growing area and started to pick veg for orders.

I’m excited to see how the year progresses.

If you would like to find out more about the FarmStart programme and The Plot visit 

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