Back in January 2020 Morecambe Bay Extinction Rebellion (MBXR) carried out a symbolic action, delivering a letter to the Duke of Westminster through his Abbeystead Estate. The letter asked him to re-consider using his land for grouse-shooting.

No reply has been received to date.

Covid-19 offered an opportunity for pause and reflection whilst also highlighting the role environmental health plays in supporting public health.

MBX Rebels have decided its now time to consider next steps, and have organised ‘For Peat’s Sake: What’s Next?’ – a series of Webinars and Assemblies that explore the issues of poor peat land management and what we can do locally to reverse the damage.

How our uplands are managed is considered a strategic local priority by the group as it brings together a range of interlinked issues that include carbon emissions, biodiversity, burning and flooding, and social justice – the core issues of the climate emergency. These issues are also closely linked with the work of FoodFutures.

Full programme of events:

Weds July 8th. 7-8.30pm.  ‘Peat’ with Si Thomas, Peatland Restoration Officer, Cumbria Wildlife Trust. 

Thurs July 9th 7-8.30pm. Flooding with Dr Rod Everett, Backsbottom Farm, Roeburndale.

Sat July 11th. 1.30-4.30pm. Biodiversity and Land Ownership with Mark Avery (author of ‘Inglorious’) and Guy Shrubsole (‘Who Owns England?’)

+ People’s Assembly to decide What Next.

MBXR Rebel Steve Lewis commented: “These online talks are open to everyone and aim to bring us all up to speed with the facts of what’s going on up in the hills. We’re also linking up with Rebels from Clitheroe, Colne, Todmorden and other towns and villages across the North that have been affected by the mismanagement of the land and the impact of hen harriers disappearing, moors on fire and high streets flooding.”

Rod Everett and Si Thomas, two experts on flood management and peat restoration, will be joined by national figures like Mark Avery whose book ‘Inglorious’ gives a detailed and engaging account of the illegal persecution of Hen Harriers,  not to mention the legal massacre of other raptors and wildlife.

Guy Shrubsole’s ‘Who Owns England?’ is an equally detailed and illuminating investigation into the history and justice of land use and ownership of the land we all live on.

The final event on Saturday 11th July will offer a chance to take part in a unique online People’s Assembly. Those gathered will make decisions together about the kinds of actions that need to happen in order to bring about upland management for all rather than the few who shoot grouse.

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