Cockerham Boers writes about their upcoming Open Farm Sunday event in this week’s column.

On 9th June hundreds of farms all over the country will open their gates for LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2019. As the farming industry’s annual open day, it offers a fantastic chance for people to discover real farming at first hand and see for themselves how their food (and much more besides) is produced. It is also a great way for farmers to shine a light on what they deliver and why supporting British farming matters’. For more information on the nationwide event see’

The Faces Behind Our Food

Cockerham Goats (LA2 0ER) will be taking part in the Open Farm Sunday events for the second year running; opening their gates to visitors from 11am to 3pm’.

You can drop by their site to see how this local small farm works towards a future of environmental sustainability. You can have a wander around the farm to meet the goats and other animals and see some of the wildlife projects undertaken on the farm. You can spot some of their varied flora and fauna and take part in some of their free children’s activities’.

Free food tasters will be provided on the day and you can enter a prize draw to try to win a half goat pack or take the opportunity to purchase a selection of fresh goat meat available on the day. Further details of the event can be found on @cockerhamgoats Facebook page.’

Cockerham Goats was established in 2000 and has become one of the national market leaders in goat meat. Over the years they have learnt how to raise their goats in an environmentally sound way and have selected their goats for ease of management which helps to keep the costs down, meaning the meat is very competiveley priced, often lower even than supermarket products’.

As more and more consumers are becoming aware, buying meat products directly from farmers often means a better quality product at a lower price. This sort of product also regularly has lower impacts on the environment due to lower food miles, reduced packaging and because small farmers often have better options to support nature’.

If you are interested in finding out more about Cockerham Goats but can’t visit during Open Farm Sunday, the farm does welcome any visitors at other times and has recently accredited with CEVAS to allow school and uniform group visits. Do contact them for more details of how you can use the farm to work on your group’s badges or for individually planned school visit to suit your needs.’

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