Anna Clayton from FoodFutures shares reflections on North Lancashire’s Great Big Green Week activities.

Over the past couple of weeks a range of free events have been hosted across North Lancashire and beyond as part of the UK-wide Great Big Green Week.

Organised by The Climate Coalition, the Great Big Green Week aims to draw attention to the climate crisis and linked environmental issues whilst encouraging local action. In North Lancashire, these aims were supported by a range of organisations, including FoodFutures.

Events hosted in our area included a seed walk at Claver Hill, a clothes swap in Caton, a “Letters to Tomorrow” writing workshop in Morecambe, a midsummer market in Lancaster, a nettle day at Backsbottom Farm, a tour of Lancaster Co-housing in Halton and the Growing Our Food Futures event in Morecambe.

It was great to see the range of events going on in the area. It was also heartening to see that these are not just one off events, but are embedded in ongoing community-led climate action work. For example, the Growing Our Food Futures event saw a series of break out groups and discussions form around some strategic long-term work: the closing of waste streams across Lancaster District; the purchase of a community farm; the development of a local food hub to support more direct sales between local food producers and local eaters; growing food and biodiversity in schools; developing Filberts Too and a Good Food Manifesto network… And this doesn’t begin to touch on the range of projects and other ideas forming across our District that participants were connected to e.g. independent sustainable food businesses, community supported agriculture schemes, food coops, medicinal gardens, pollinator patches, community growing projects, surplus food stalls, community allotments, therapeutic gardens, food clubs, compost demo sites, community meals, citizen journalism initiatives, repair cafes…

These sorts of projects are all core to the ‘Our Food Futures’ community food strategy.

I came away from the week with a couple of stand out comments and quotes:

“Everything that is worthwhile is done with others” – a quote by Mariame Kaba but shared by Victoria Frausin as part of session on Waste Streams: the chain and its alternatives.


“Its great to see collaboration sitting at the heart of this [Growing Our Food Futures] timeline – it sits throughout all the ideas and projects”. Zhinlap Tamang, a LESS intern who supported the Great Big Green Week programme of events and who is also supporting the ‘Share the Harvest’ campaign this autumn.


“I know this might sound crazy, but why not aim for a zero waste district by 2030?” Gideon Flemming.

Indeed, why not?

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