Kiki Callihan of North Lancashire’s FoodFutures welcomes you to join us at “The Lost Art of Living” – Lancaster’s annual health festival.

The Lancaster Health Festival will return to our fine city once again, celebrating and rediscovering the art of living. The focus of the festival is to support a shift towards more healthy lifestyles and a preventative approach to health care.

Events will take place online and through physically distanced activities between 17–20 September 2020 and will be complemented by the release of a series of podcasts and online video content.

The Lancaster Health Festival has one very simple aim: to create spaces and opportunities for people to have conversations – easy or difficult – with family, friends, neighbours, and with ourselves. We want these conversations to help us make simple changes that will have a big effect: rediscovering the art of living well. We feel this is more important than ever given the current pandemic and the questions it raises around resilience.

So why aren’t we living as well as we could, given all the possibilities we have in society? 

How is it possible to get out a message that we can make a significant difference to our health by making small changes to our lives? 

The answer that we came up with was to stop telling people that they need to change and start celebrating the fact that we can change.

Even whilst planning around pandemic distancing guidelines, this year’s festival looks to be enlightening and diverse. Join us for a leisurely stroll down the Lune; a virtual or physical tour around Claver Hill Community Food Project or Lancaster University’s Health Innovation Campus. Take part in our surplus veg give away and a cook-along dinner party hosted over Zoom. There will also be plenty of podcasts, videos, webinars and discussions around NHS pandemic response, personal paths toward well being, and positive life choices.

In October 2016, the seed of the health festival was planted, with the first festival taking place in September 2017 and engaging 500 people. The second festival took place in 2018, included a food theme for the first time and engaged with 2,000 people. And in 2019, the third Lancaster Health Festival had an embedded food theme and engaged with almost 4,000 people. We hope for the 2020 festival to build on this success, whilst experimenting with taking the art of living (and good food) online and into people’s own homes.

All events are free to attend. Find the event lineup at

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