In September a group of composters from across Lancaster District, all keen to compost together with others, travelled to Liverpool to visit Compost Works. Minna Alanko-Falola is the Chief Executive and Founder of Compost Works. She ran a ‘how to set up and run a community composting scheme’ workshop with the group. There was lots of discussion around community composting in the Lancaster district. Many who came are already involved or planning a community composting initiative. 

The group took time to explore a community composting scheme in Toxteth. Examining how the bins were made and understanding the type of food waste community members divert into the bins to become useful compost for community growing nearby. 

The composters left the day feeling enthused having made new friends, knowing more about each other’s composting projects and fuelled with ideas for their own.   

Back in Lancaster, the inspiration and learnings from the visit were “composted” and put to use at the newly launched Scotch Quarry community composting scheme.   

A group of residents local to the Scotch Quarry Park area gathered recently to assemble 2 wooden, rat resistant, community compost bins. The scheme is run on a membership basis to manage materials going in the bins and the volume. Raw kitchen scraps and lots of torn up cardboard are the two ingredients which are turned weekly by compost monitors. Membership is growing as more local residents spot the bins and sign up.

The new bins are located near the community growing area, with the compost destined for members, the raised community growing beds and the Moorlands window box scheme.

Much has been learnt from Compost Works and the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, who have been running community composting schemes for over 10 years. As local community composting schemes grow in the district, so will our experience and knowledge, which in turn can be used to encourage and support even more local schemes.

Would you like to join future workshops and visits to composting projects, and link up with other composters? Or are you interested in community composting in your area? Please contact Closing Loops Community Composting Coordinator Diana McIntyre at

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