By Susan Gardener (LAMM member)

On my desk, I have an adjustable lamp. It’s nearly fifty years old. It’s a great design, and I use it daily.

Several years ago, one of its many joints wore loose and it developed a tendency to lurch all over the place. Rather than illuminating my desk it shone brightly onto the ceiling, which was not really very helpful.

However, I was delighted to discover that there are mouldable bioplastics which can be used to tackle such problems. So I spent a happy half an hour or so fiddling about, bonded the worn bits together again and now the lamp shines on in the required (and adjustable) direction.  

I am fonder of that lamp than I ever was when I first got it, because it has been with me for so long, and every time I look at the repaired section I get a little thrill of pleasure. If I hadn’t decided to mend it, it would be yet another one of millions of discarded items clogging up landfills across the globe.   

Repairing things is really satisfying. It’s economic. It’s good for the planet. And Lancaster and Morecambe Makers (LAMM) want to help local people learn how to do more of it.

Entrance to the LAMM space at White Cross Business Park

LAMM was set up in 2014 to provide a hub for people wanting to share and develop practical skills in a positive and friendly way. Our workshop contains 3-D printers, a laser cutter, woodworking tools, assorted computer hardware/software and many other useful bits of kit. The members have an assortment of skills and interests: computers, programming, robotics, electronics, woodwork, metalwork, design, ceramics and textile craft skills. Not to mention a talent for lateral thinking and problem solving. All of us are keen to increase awareness and confidence around tackling repair jobs for items large and small. 

We will be holding a repair stall in central Lancaster from 10:00 to 4:30 on Friday 16 June as part of the Midsummer Market. The market, part of the North Lancashire Green Week, also features lots of other local organisations aiming to ensure local, sustainable production and use of resources.  Come and have a chat with us, and find out more about what we can offer either on the day, or at our regular open evenings on Wednesday nights at our Lancaster base. 

We can’t promise miracles, but we are certainly willing to do our very best to help you ensure that your own beloved household object has as long and useful a life as possible.  Maybe even more than half a century!

Do come along and find out more. Or check us out on Facebook (Lancaster and Morecambe Makers) or our website at

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