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Following the success of last year’s feast, Transition City Lancaster will host a second Great Harvest Feast on Saturday 26th October from 6pm – 10pm at Friends Meeting House, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster. The aim of the event is to bring community food growers together in celebration of the harvest. There is no charge, just bring food to share.

The Great Harvest Feast is for anyone who gets their hands dirty growing food in the wider Lancaster area. This includes backyard food growers, people with an allotment and those who are part of a community food project or farm. Please pass on information about this event to anyone who grows food, for “harvest is a joyful time of gathering the produce of the land”.

The idea behind the Great Harvest Feast is for all to bring food to share for a sit down feast – veggie or vegan – so as many people as possible can share and eat as much as possible. The more of the food that comes from Lancaster area soils, the better. It would also be great to have loads of dishes with Potato Day potatoes in them- completing a local community growing cycle.

Food can be served cold or can be heated up at the venue .

A few activities will run before and during dinner to support people in meeting each other and learning about the year’s growing highlights and challenges. We also seek to draw out training needs as a community, which will inform a series of future community skill share events that Food Futures (Lancaster’s Sustainable Food City group) will help organise.

To add to the harvest meal festivities, we will be joined by a local folk singer and raw voice teacher who will support us in collectively singing harvest-themed songs. Whether you join in and sing or listen to the harvest harmonies, all are welcome to participate in whatever way they feel comfortable.

If you would like to attend, it is essential to book a place so that we can ensure everyone has room to sit at this big community sit down meal. Transition City Lancaster will hold spaces for dirty fingernail food growers (and family members) until October 11th, after which any spare places will be opened up to anyone else.

You can book a space by emailing You’ll then be added to the Great Harvest Feast guest list.

If the Great Harvest Feast continues to go well, Transition will run it as an annual event, so please help in spreading the word among local food growers.

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