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In collaboration with Sewing Cafe Lancaster and the Textile Dynamics Lab, North Lancashire’s Closing Loops project commissioned local researcher and activist Victoria Frausin to help uncover where waste in North Lancashire ends up. Read on to find out more about the outcomes and what you can do to be part of the solution.

The initial research found that creating a map of all waste streams in the district was not viable given the complexity, lack of transparency from the waste management providers and the scale of the subject. The proportion of domestic waste produced is small in comparison to industrial and commercial waste and as individuals we live in systemic structures that produce waste and push us to create waste.

The research highlighted that community initiatives to address waste can help build a sense of agency; but it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture of the production and consumption systems that are driving waste production. Following on from the initial mapping work, Victoria developed a series of workshops to engage local residents with waste and how things might be different.

Being wasteful is not inborn, the current wasteful culture is recent, man-made and requires an economic, social, physical and political infrastructure to survive. We made it, we constantly maintain it, let’s change it.

Victoria Frausin

For a summary, you can also read the report summary slides or watch the presentation.

Waste streams in North Lancashire infographic

Infographic designed by Victoria Frausin.

Don’t Ditch It Directory

The Don’t Ditch It Directory is a list of enterprises and initiatives in North Lancashire that offer alternatives to waste disposal either through repair, re-purposing or swapping of resources. This database will be further developed in year 3 of the Closing Loops project.

This work has been commissioned by the Closing Loops project in collaboration with Sewing Cafe Lancaster and the Textile Dynamics Lab. Closing Loops is a five-year £1.5 million project led by FoodFutures, North Lancashire’s sustainable food partnership, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, Closing Loops supports community-led action and local initiatives to transform waste into a valuable resource. It aims to stimulate a zero-waste, circular and regenerative local economy.

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