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Sharing Yarns. An interactive workshop.

An interactive craft workshop and discussion with Victoria Frausin and Shakthi Nataraj.
What was the life of this shirt before it came to us? Where will it go after we stop wearing it? The overproduction of clothing is a leading cause of ecological destruction. This was not always the case. In the past, people in the UK spent a significant portion of their income on clothes, preserving them and passing them on. Today you can buy a shirt for the price of a coffee! What does this mean about the global economy and our place in it?
Join us for this workshop where we use an interactive crafting activity to engage with these vital questions. Using cloth and other everyday materials, we will create a map of the “Take-Make-Discard” cycle that dominates the wasteful clothing industry, historically, globally, and locally within Lancaster District. Placing ourselves in the map, we will collectively imagine alternatives – because waste hasn’t always been a problem, and it doesn’t always have to be.
This workshop is participatory in nature – bring an item of clothing you would like to talk about. We are having dinner to fuel the conversation and nurture our souls. Everyone’s welcome!


Jun 30 2024


14:00 - 18:00


The Gregson Centre
Lancaster LA1 3PY

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