FoodFutures’ 10-Year Strategy Development

In shaping our 10-year strategy, we are taking a place-based approach (covering North Lancashire), that thinks through how we can build a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair.

In doing so FoodFutures seeks to align this strategy with a number of international and local frameworks and goals that include: the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Accord, the six core pillars of food sovereignty and Lancaster District Council’s People’s Jury climate recommendations.

As a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network, FoodFutures will also cover and embed the key themes outlined in the Sustainable Food Places silver award framework:

  • Taking a joined-up approach to food.
  • Building a local good food movement.
  • Tackling food poverty, access to healthy food and diet-related ill-health.
  • Creating a vibrant and sustainable food economy.
  • Transforming catering and procurement of sustainable food.
  • Tackling the climate and nature emergency through good food.

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Help shape our local food strategy

We have created a variety of opportunities for you to get involved – whether you are a food eater, producer, distributor or thinker. The final strategy hopes to be a ‘guiding North star’ for holistic food work in the District – one that is reviewed and adapted annually in response to changes in local circumstance.

We would love for you to be involved!

North Lancashire Survey

Step into our vision of 2030 and help us complete the story.

Time travel with us to 2030 where we will explore our District, neighbourhoods, schools, farms and gardens – celebrating all that we have achieved together over the last 10 years. Then, tell us what a day in your life looks like in this potential future.

Paint a Picture of Our Future

We're asking residents of North Lancashire to use their creativity to help us visualise what our future could look like.

This is designed for children and young adults across North Lancashire, but we welcome everyone to join in!

We’re looking for visual representations of what our food futures could be if we see our vision through. Watch a video, then draw, paint and/ or collage all of the scenes as you walk us through a day in your life in 2030.


Teachers and Parents – we hope this can be used as a resource for you. The video was designed for all ages, but some children may need additional direction. Watching the video is not required to use the art activity worksheets.

Artists – we want you to get involved as well, especially with helping us spread the word of this activity.

DIY Vision Discussions

These are group-led activities that FoodFutures seeks to support. If you are interested in leading one with your colleagues, community group, network or neighbours, please get in touch.

During February 2021 FoodFutures will support groups across North Lancashire to run their own local discussion groups by providing guidance on running a visioning activity and offering the basic resources and facilitation tips below. Results from these will feed into FoodFutures ten year strategy. 

The following links will provide you with the structure to host your own meetings. We require all responses by the 28th of February.

Downloads: PresentationFacilitator notes

Email if you need more info about hosting a DIY discussion group.

Community Conversations about Food

Saturday 20th February, 3-5pm

Join us for a conversation about food, food systems and personal experiences. FoodFutures’ vision is of a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair. Let’s make a major change by co-creating the actions we need to make this vision a reality by 2030. What does the food system look like in 10 years time? What can we do to get there?


Tickets are available for free through Eventbrite HERE.

LCC Community Conversation

Thursday, 18th February, 6:30-8pm

This conversation is being held with Lancaster City Council and will focus on food poverty and access to healthy food. Details TBC.

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