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Claver Hill Seed Walk and Evening Bonfire

Lancaster Seed Library will lead us on a seed walk around Claver HIll, introducing some basic seed saving theory, tips and tricks, whilst showing this in action around the site. All are welcome.

This will be followed by a Claver Hill bonfire – open to all. Bring food and drink to share.

Find out more about the Seed Library here: https://foodfutures.org.uk/case-studies/lancaster-seed-library/

and more about Claver Hill here: https://foodfutures.org.uk/market-stories-claver-hill/ and here: https://sites.google.com/view/claver-hill/

This event is part of North Lancashire Green Week. For the full programme of events, see https://greatbiggreenweek.com/north-lancashire-green-week


Jun 17 2023




Claver Hill Community Farm

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