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Some great projects have come forward to apply for a Pots of Possibility Your Pots grant. Since our local community  – that’s YOU – will be voting on who should get the money, you’ll probably want to hear all about those projects.

The Your Pots grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 are to support projects that will have a positive, long-term impact on the environment and people of North Lancashire, whether that’s by reducing waste, providing healthy, sustainably produced food or inspiring people to change the way they buy and use everyday items.

Organisations will present their project ideas at the community voting day on Saturday 18 November, and the audience will vote on who should get the money. To be part of that audience, register here.

Here are the projects wanting your vote at the 2023 Your Pots community voting day:

1. Filbert’s Too (£10,000)

Provide free bread and baking to food clubs, offer cooking and baking classes, and use ingredients otherwise going to waste.

2. The Butterfly Effect (£10,000)

Experience and celebrate the miracle of growing and sharing food, intergenerational skill exchange, and community resource-sharing to cultivate regenerative communities.

3. Wildlife Wellbeing Walks CIC & Marsh Community Centre (£7,000)

Empowering young and old at the Marsh Community Centre to eat sustainably and connect with nature for health and wellbeing.

4. Deliberate Community Visioning Labs (£7,107)

Identify under-used spaces, run public events to develop new visions for these areas, and start to make them a reality.

5. Community Ground Up Project (£5,092)

Reinstate a vegetable patch, bringing community members into the outdoors, helping mental health, and building community knowledge about growing food.

6. Queen’s Market Morecambe (£10,000)

Using reclaimed materials, engaging young people in the design/manufacture and storytelling of making fixtures and fittings for the building.

7. Four Seasons Allotments (£6,300)

Provide community access to space to grow and share fruit and vegetables, create raised beds, and run children’s activities.

8. Transition Games (£7,870)

Local people will design and play board games that introduce steps towards a regenerative economy in a playful way.

9. Queer Community Garden (£5,000)

Build a Queer Community Garden in Scotch Quarry, make use of second-hand materials, and create a mural celebrating queer joy.

10. Global Village Cafe @ The Cornerstone (£10,000)

The Global Village Cafe @ The Cornerstone a weekly lunch club for asylum seekers and a community cafe welcoming everyone.

11. Local Food for Local People (£10,000)

Research and trial supplying Eggcup and partner food clubs by purchasing local crops, gleaning, growing food, and creating pre-made meals.

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