Where The Wildings Are is an ambitious programme of work that seeks to turn educational establishments across Lancaster District into hubs that reverse climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity.


Schools are important hubs in the community, supporting children and their families in ways that go far beyond their traditional role of providing education. The challenges of Covid 19 have only served to emphasise the many additional benefits that schools provide; from the free childcare that enables parents to work, through to the essential ingredients of mental and physical wellbeing – for example social and emotional support for children, a decent hot meal and safe outdoor play space every day. This project uses schools’ role as community hubs to tackle three urgent challenges: climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity.

This project has been developed in collaboration with headteachers and key local stakeholders including the Eden Project North and North Lancashire FoodFutures. It also draws on the learning from a number of pilot projects such as the Off the Ground and gardener in residence programmes which have taken place in the district in recent years. To learn more about the proposed approach, read the project proposal here

Where The Wildings is starting with a pilot group of seven diverse schools. These include primary schools, a secondary school and specialist school, fully tarmacked schools and schools with large grounds,

Learnings from this pilot will then be used to role out the Wildings to other schools in the District.


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