The Plot opens its 2023 crop-share scheme

By Ellen Pearce, FarmStart Coordinator at The Plot

Have you ever wished you could be more in touch with where your food comes from? Would you like to know the farm and the people? Would you like to visit and understand the methods used? 

If you don’t already have that luxury, you could consider becoming a ‘crop-sharer’ with the Plot.

The Plot is a market garden that grows organic fruit, vegetables and herbs in North Lancashire. We also train new growers who want to set up their own enterprises to produce local food. Our mission is to increase the amount of food grown locally. We do this by training new growers and setting up new farms – and, of course, by selling our produce.

The Plot uses a community-supported agriculture model and sells veg boxes as crop-shares for the whole growing season.

The crop-share uses a model called ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ or CSA. It helps farmers because as a customer, you commit to buying a share of the crop each week for a whole growing season. This enables us, the growers, to plan our crops better. 

There is a growing number of Community Supported Agriculture projects across the world, as people realise how important a climate resilient local supply of food is. There are already over 150 farms which are members of the CSA Network in the UK. 

If you are interested in getting a weekly share of fresh, seasonal veg, all grown within eight miles of Lancaster Town Hall, you can now sign up for a crop-share. You commit to a share of the crop for the season, from the last week in May to the first week in December. 

Weekly boxes can either be delivered to your home or collected (from the Plot at Old Holly Farm north of Garstang and at three collection points in Lancaster).

Our farming methods are nature friendly and support healthy soils. All the produce from The Plot is grown to organic certification standards. Most of it is organically certified and a small amount is grown using the same standards and principles, but is not yet formally certified (it takes two years to convert a site to organic). 

A growing community of people are involved in the Plot and our crop-sharers are at the heart of the project. There will be opportunities to visit the farm, hear news and updates throughout the season.

The Plot and the FarmStart Programme is coordinated by LESS (a non-profit registered community interest company based in Lancaster) in partnership with FoodFutures and the FoodFriends small society lottery.

Get to know The Plot team at a farm tour on 18 May at The Plot’s site on Old Holly Farm near Galgate

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