You may have noticed little free libraries popping up around Lancaster, but rather than books, they are filled with haberdashery items and seed packets. Regenerative textile and mending advocate and food citizen Victoria Frausin, tells us more about the project. 

Sewing Cafe Lancaster, in partnership with Food Futures, made and installed six pilot libraries around Lancaster to promote hyper-local community wealth building and enable people to share gardening and mending items

The Sew & Sow free libraries project was created to address the urgent need for more sociable and solidarity economies, with the desire to strengthen care-based communities and highlight the feasibility of growing and mending in the domestic scene.

Seed bombs, loose seeds in little origami or fabric packets, face masks, reusable period pads, threads, darning mushrooms and darning yarn, along with recipes and how-to tips are some of the items we expect to be shared in the boxes to encourage food growing and mending habits.

Larger items like plants, compost, sprouting kits or pots should be offered/requested in the pockets designated for “Offer & Wants” on pieces of paper.

How to borrow from the library

Simple – take what you need and use it well! If you no longer want something, please put it back in the library for others to use. 

Want to donate to the library?

We welcome donations of crafting or gardening materials that you no longer need. Please feel free to leave them in the library for others to use. 

No large or messy items please – for example, if you have seedlings or compost that you’d like to offer, please advertise using the “Offer & Wants” papers.

What if I want something that’s not in the library?

Please feel free to use the “Offer & Wants” papers to post details of what you’re looking for and hopefully someone in the community will be able to help.

Where are the libraries located?

Fruity Corners in Scotch Quarry Park,
65 Scotforth Road
3 Rydal Road
5-13 Cedar Road, in the Marsh
The Ecohub at Lancaster University
Single Step 78A Penny St.

How can I get more involved?

Visit our web page to find out more!


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