Sami Starling shares some facts about Lancaster’s Potato Day event and about the spud itself and its varieties.

For the past twenty years or so Lancaster has hosted a wonderful event called ‘Potato Day’ that happens on the last Saturday in January every year. This year it will be Sat 27 January at the Friends Meeting House, from 10am-3pm.

There will be many stalls sharing information about local food growing and Global Village Café will be selling delicious snacks and hot meals, with a potato theme! The potatoes used in the cafe have been grown here in Lancaster from the seed potatoes from the year before. This food is as local as it gets.

The main focus of the event is selling hundreds of organic seed potatoes to the public at cost price. We just want to help more people grow more potatoes locally. The event is run by the Claver Hill Community on a not-for-profit basis, we all volunteer our time and energy to make it happen.

Fun facts:

  1. One seed potato can grow up to 10 or 12 eating potatoes and you don’t even need a garden. Spuds grow happily in a bucket in the yard and kids love watching them grow. Or you can come to Claver Hill community allotment on the Ridge and join in with others in growing spuds and lots of other vegetables. See the ‘Spud Club at Claver Hill’ Facebook page for more info.
  2. There are over 5,000 different varieties of potatoes worldwide and many of them have wonderful names such as Colleen, Charlotte, Orla, Blue Anneliese, Heidi Red, Bambino, Gatsby, Cara, and Pink Fir Apple. We will have some of all these on January 27 among 25 varieties in all.
  3. You might have guessed from above that potatoes come in all shapes and sizes. Spuds that are best for chips or mash or crisps. Spuds that have yellow, red, or blue skins.
  4. Home grown potatoes taste a lot different to the ones that have been on a long truck ride to get to our plate.
  5. Lots of people come along to enjoy the event as it has such a great community feel, even if they are not wanting to buy spuds. The Claver Hill locally made jams, chutneys, cider, and vinegars are always popular as well as lots of stalls with information on how to grow more local food and reduce our cost of living.

It will be a fantastic community event that I encourage everyone to attend if possible.

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