The Lancaster Health Festival has finally arrived, with a range of exciting and thoughtful events taking place online and in person from this Thursday 17 until Sunday 20 September. All events are free to attend and are listed on the event’s website.

“Covid 19 has forced many events to close. It’s fantastic to see the resilience of the Lancaster Health Festival and those involved in keeping the show on the road.  It’s more important than ever to have open, honest debate about health, well-being and the future of our communities.  An event for the city to be proud of” commented Rev Ian Dewar, Lead Chaplain at University Hospital of Morecambe Bay, NHS Foundation Trust.

To join in with festivities, simply register for events via the website and eventbrite pages.

Alongside the festival’s online panels, discussion groups, walks, tours, disco soups, yoga and meditation practice, a series of podcasts will be released over the four days that explore a range of themes linked to the art of living well. These include a series of ‘Rethinking Food’ podcasts featuring: The Backyard Garden, The Eggcup Project and Morecambe Bay Food Bank.

In the Backyard Garden we join Garden and Permaculture Designer, Jennifer Lauruol of, and Julia Russell (Herbalist, Iridologist, Reflexologist and Therapeutic Massage Practitioner) to explore the ancient idea: “let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food”. We learn how a backyard and curbside in Lancaster can be turned into an apothercary of sorts and a small life-giving paradise.

Julia Russel and Jennifer Lauruol explore the idea of food being medicine with Ian Dewar.

Eggcup stops surplus food from going to waste and gets it to people instead.  This project and podcast poses a couple of big questions:  In a world of shortage, why is so much wasted?   What is it about our sense of community that allows some to suffer diseases of plenty and others diseases of want?  Meeting the needs of those without sufficient food isn’t just charity, it raises a question about the kind of society we’re proud to call home. 

In the podcast with Morecambe Bay Foodbank we hear from Annette Smith, the inspiration behind the Foodbank and the story of how a simple vision galvanised local people to meet a local need that reflected a national challenge.  Hear how that story grew, learn about its challenges and be inspired to act. 

Other podcasts feature Dame Sue Black, The Well, Trevor Phillips and Peter Dyer. Don’t know who these inspiring people and organisations are? Visit to find out more and listen to this year’s Lost Art of Living Podcast series.

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