Martin Paley celebrates FoodFutures’ food-waste saving Gleaning Network with an upcoming online dinner party and surplus food giveaway.

“In order to save the planet you have to throw a better party than the people who are ruining it”. In this spirit, we invite you to join us for a Digital Disco Soup on Saturday 19th September as part of the annual Lancaster Health Festival.

One third of all food is wasted, accounting for 6% of greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. This is both a public health crisis and a waste.

The Solution: Build a network of local residents ready to go out and harvest surplus food in our district – a Gleaning Network.

To celebrate our newly established Gleaning Network, Martin Paley is hosting a Digital Disco Soup: an online dinner party, with beats and beetroot, inviting the community to dance and dine together. We will each cook from the comfort of our own homes, but because we’ll be together, we can share recipes and cooking tips as we dance along to a fun foodie soundtrack.

Everyone is welcome to join in – whether armed with a cookbook or creating your own recipe, cooking for a crowd or just for yourself. Just register online and “drop in” to the Zoom anytime from 5pm to 9pm.

To learn more about gleaning and our local network, stop by our market stall at the Charter Market in Dalton Square earlier in the day. You can pick up some free gleaned produce to take home and use that same evening in your dish.

Disco Soups are not unique. Martin introduced the concept locally in 2018 through the alternatively-named Nutritional Nightclub at the Lancaster Autumn Food Festival and “World Disco Soup Day” has become an annual event, this year’s took place online due to COVID-19.

Martin sees waste as a resource and always questions why you might put something in the bin when it still has a life to live. Previously, he volunteered to glean with FEEDBACK (a global charity campaigning for a sustainable food system).

As FoodFutures’ Food and Environment Coordinator, Martin has established the local network in response to FEEDBACK decentralising its gleaning network with the aim of empowering community groups to lead their own gleans and save food from the fields going to waste.

Visit the Health Festival’s website to sign up for the Digital Disco Soup (and other events) and get a link to the Disco Soup Zoom.

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