Good Food Manifesto Network

The Good Food Manifesto document was produced by FoodFutures in 2021 as part of a process that co-created a positive 2030 food vision for North Lancashire and a strategy for getting there. More than 250 people of all ages and backgrounds fed into the process.

It outlines ways organisations can support a good food future here in North Lancashire, building community health, wealth and resilience in the process.

The Good Food Manifesto Network seeks to make this document come alive!

What is the Good Food Manifesto Network?

The Good Food Manifesto (GFM) offers inspiration and a community of support for businesses, enterprises and organisations in North Lancashire that seek to overcome challenges together and be a force for good, becoming:

financially resilient

good for people

good for places

good for the planet

These values underlie the GFM and the network forming around it.

The GFM Network is also not exclusive to food businesses. We can all play our part in creating a thriving local economy, from looking at how we source our products to how we deal with waste. Simple steps like having a composting caddy in the staff room, encouraging staff to buy local food through skill shares on the benefits of locally sourced, seasonal food, or making a conscious decision as a business to reduce packaging are all examples of steps non-food businesses can take.

Good Food Manifesto Network

Why join the GFM Network?

  • Increased profile in North Lancashire. The GFM Network and wider FoodFutures partnership will highlight and promote organisations that are committed and pledging to become good food businesses.
  • Community of support. You will be supported in working towards your pledge through: networking and peer-support; skill shares, catalyst events and training; collaborative projects; sharing information, learnings,  resources and other opportunities (including funding).
  • Together we are stronger. Times are tough for small independent businesses and many of the challenges faced are common. If a diversity of businesses, enterprises and organisations support each other to creatively overcome challenges and thrive; people, landscapes and communities across our district will thrive.
  • Have fun whilst doing the above! Reflection and celebrations (over good food of course!) will be embedded into how the Good Food Manifesto network works and develops.

How do I join?

For more information about the joining process, please read the Good Food Manifesto Welcome Pack and then contact to sign up and pledge to the Good Food Manifesto and its core values; pay a £50 annual membership fee and/or state what in-kind support you can offer e.g. free or discounted events space, catering or equipment hire.

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