Welcome to Gather – the new place to shop for the food you love, grown locally and seasonally in North Lancashire.
By shopping at Gather, you’ll be joining a local community working together to build a healthy, resilient local food economy, complementing and supporting existing food enterprises and strengthening the viability of small local producers across our region.
Gather is part of the wider FoodFutures family, and encompasses the values of the Good Food Manifesto and aims to sell food which is good for people, place and planet.
Shop opens for first orders on Friday 19 July – Tuesday 23 July!
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Meet some of our farmers & producers

Find seasonal selections in the Gather Food Hub once it’s live!

The Plot

The next best thing to picking your own – get local, seasonal, organic veg, all grown within 8 miles of Lancaster Town Hall.

Libby & Paul Flintoff

High quality, organic produce from Libby and Paul’s farm near Preston – look out for tasty aubergines, peppers, tomatoes, French beans and more depending on the season.

Lune Valley Beekeepers

Indulge in delicious local honey, and support this impressive local producer to continue improving the environment in which bees and other pollinators live.

Farm on the Fell

Get all your favourite local dairy items lovingly produced in harmony with nature in the scenic Forest of Bowland . Buy highly nutritious produce from cows that rear their own calves and are 100% pasture-fed.

Morecambe Bay Conservation Grazing Co.

Buy from a small family farming business selling nutrient-dense beef and lamb from animals grazed around Morecambe Bay in a range of wildlife habitats.

Wyreside Mushrooms

Liven up your mealtimes with Lancashire grown, freshly harvested, organic gourmet and functional mushrooms. Perfect for vegan treats.

Growing with Grace

Choose from a wide variety of traditional and unusual organic veg crops. Buy from a long standing community business who’ve been supplying Lancashire with high quality veg for over 20 years.

Backsbottom Farm

Roll up to get your organic apples, apple cider vinegar, damsons and plums from a farm that benefits wildlife, made with love and care to look after you and the planet.

Lakeland Artisan

Award-winning, hand-crafted food and drink using the finest natural ingredients with no artificial flavours. Get chutneys and relishes to complement the other items in your basket and much more.

Summer 2024 News

During the summer a pilot of the future food hub in North Lancashire will be running, initially with around 8-10 local food producers. We hope to be able to supply a range of seasonal foods including veg, fruit, bread, meat, eggs, cheese, honey, mushrooms and preserves.

We are interested in hearing from people who might be able to host a collection point in a community setting, so that orders can be taken to shared pick up points.

In addition to the development of a new food hub, there are also plans in place to scale up local nature-friendly food production in and around the district, through the development of a new community farm.

Have you ever wished you could get more local food? Or have you wondered which farmers and producers are based in North Lancashire?

This new initiative aims to better connect local food producers with customers in the district.

In Lancaster District and the surrounding areas, we have a range of local farmers, food producers and suppliers. That is great news, and together they represent a strength for local food resilience.

However, due to supermarkets and their complex supply chains many of the traditional routes to market for small-scale producers – such as farmers’ markets, farm-gate outlets and local shops – have not survived.

That’s where the idea of a “food hub” comes in. A food hub brings together food from a number of local suppliers, markets it and distributes it collectively, within the same region. This way, customers can order from just one online shop and deliveries can be combined to save on packaging, transport costs and carbon emissions.

Customers know which farms and local businesses they are supporting and that their money is kept within the local economy, supporting our local producers.

As a customer in North Lancashire, this could mean you can order organic veg grown without any artificial fertilisers from local farms, or locally baked bread using flour milled from local heritage grains that used to be traditionally grown in the North West. You might also choose eggs from free range chickens who mainly feed on pasture, some beef from cattle who graze nature reserves for conservation purposes, or milk from a cow-with-calf dairy (where the calves stay with their mothers until they are weaned).

The idea of local food hubs has grown in popularity in recent years. An example of a successful established hub is Tamar Grow Local in the Tamar Valley in Devon which has produce available from around 40 farms. Newer examples, closer to home, are found in Dumfries and Galloway. They all have at their core an intention to revive the local food cultures and provide good food for local people at a fair price, while also being good for the planet and place.

The North Lancashire Food Hub is coordinated by LESS (Lancaster District) CIC in partnership with Eggcup.
This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and is part of the FoodFutures network.
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