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Yes, I see now, I can do that.

I can’t create a new topic in the Group Forums – is that right? When I scroll to the bottom of the Get Involved page there are 3 columns: Latest Activity; Groups; Members. Will the Group Forums actually have subgroups – like will there be a Food Poverty Group, with its own nested sub-threads?

In the Members column, I can see recent replies and they are clickable. I’d find it more seamless and simple if there was a clickable link there that took me to https://foodfutures.org.uk/forums/ – clicking on an individual topic seems too fine grained if what I’m looking for is to get into the forums. But that might just be my head and other people might think the recent replies is a better way in.

Don’t mean any of this to sound critical. I mean it to be helpful to show how outsiders will try to navigate. The site is really nice.

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