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I’ve had a good poke about in the website. It looks very nice – really clean and friendly looking, modern but not corporate, easy on the eye. There’s lots of content and I found it quite easy to navigate, and you can just go from link to link, reading more. It was always easy to get back to the top menu and locate where you were.

I’ve only few points –
No contact us page? Not even a contact form? How would people get in touch with you if they want to. Maybe I’m just not spotting it.
When you click ‘Get Involved’ on the banner on the home page it doesn’t take you anywhere. It just seems to reload the home page. You have to scroll down to the Get Involved button below that. I think you’d want any click on Get Involved to take you to the Get Involved page.
Just my opinion but I think it’d be better to have the option to become a FoodFriend more prominent as a button on the landing page (also on the Get Involved page obvs)
I found the forum, but I would never have known it was there if I hadn’t been determinedly poking about. Maybe you don’t want to flag it up too much as moderating forums can become a bit of a palaver 🙂 The signing up was OK though there was what looked like a clickable button saying ‘sign up’ and on my screen I had to scroll down to see the sign up form, but initially I just saw what looked like a ‘sign up’ button that wasn’t a button, and I thought it wasn’t working. But anyway, I got past that and the activation code email worked fine. But when I first got in, I seemed to be sent to the local food directory? I don’t quite know how that happened, but that’s where I ended up logged into that somehow? I thought maybe I’d misunderstood and that’s all the ‘forum’ was but I went back to where I’d started and got directly into the actual forum section. But when I get to the forum, I can’t see any way of interacting with it – I think there’s no content at the moment because it’s new so obvs I can’t see different threads, but I also can’t make a post, I can’t start a thread? Or if I can, I can’t figure it out. It might well be me being a numpty but then lots of people are as numpty as me!

But these are small points and overall, it’s really approachable, interesting content, easy to navigate and looks good!

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