FoodFutures officially launched “Our Food Futures: A community food strategy for North Lancashire” as part of its annual harvest gathering in November. The event talked through this 2030 strategy, celebrated work that is already happening to make it a reality, and invited local residents and organisations to get involved in creating a “thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair’.

During this time of new year resolutions, we invite you to get involved too!

“By 2030, a 20 minute walk from your home should take you past an allotment, community garden, a shop, cafe or restaurant that sells/ uses local seasonal produce, a community composting scheme, access to emergency food provision/support or a space that offers community food skills training”.

FoodFutures working groups will take forward elements of a North Lancashire food strategy, but if we are going to make this vision of healthy and sustainable food a reality, we will need plenty of help.

To support this, we encourage you to read the strategy and then take one or all of the following steps:

  1. Share your feedback. What are you excited about? What is missing from the 2030 vision? What can you do? Share your thoughts on social media, using #GrowingFoodFutures or email
  2. Connect and link up. Find others that are interested in making a change locally and work with others to move projects forward. If you don’t know anyone, find like-minded people in FoodFutures working groups, volunteer with a local community food organisation, or join online groups like Friends of FoodFutures on Facebook.
  3. Take action. There are many ways to support this positive food vision and strategy – as a policy maker, business, an organisation or individual. Check out the Good Food Manifesto and ‘Call to Action’ at for inspiration.

During the harvest launch event people went through the above steps and then pledged to take forward actions. Pledges included: Myerscough College committing to be involved in the planning and implementation of community education and training. Lancaster City Council pledged to support FoodFutures coordinators and work going forwards. Individuals: committed to sort their compost, committed to setting up a youth food group, to make land opposite Lancaster University available for FarmStart, to join a cookery course, to join Lancaster’s Living Simply Group, to discuss the community food strategy in their village.

What will you pledge to do?


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