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The Storey Gardens

Gardens open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm throughout September. Heritage Open Days from 9 to 16 September.

The Storey Gardens comprises two walled gardens. Come through to the second garden where you can find the fruit trees and sample a number of different varieties of apples and pears, including the Hessle and Improved Fertility pears, the Duke of Devonshire eating apple and the Lord Derby cooking apple.

And why not stop off at the herb bed in the first garden? Here you can taste tarragon, mint, parsley, dill and fennel. Please ask a Storey Gardens volunteer if you’d like to harvest herbs for cooking.

Free Admission.

Access: Through The Storey building (27 Meeting House Lane LA1 1TH), either via the lift to the first floor which provides wheelchair access to the gardens, or via steps from the courtyard outside the PrintRoom Cafe. The gardens can also be accessed down some steps through the archway opposite the castle gateway in Castle Park.

From 9 to 16 September the Storey Gardens will be participating in the Heritage Open Days. This year’s theme is ‘Creativity Unwrapped’ and there’ll be a creativity trail featuring a display of paper butterflies, information about the creation of fruit varieties and poems and stories inspired by the gardens.



The Storey Gardens are taking part in Share the Harvest, a month-long festival celebrating locally grown varieties of apples and pears, rescuing unharvested fruit and raising awareness of food waste through a range of community events. FoodFutures and the Closing Loops project invite everyone in North Lancashire to pitch in and harvest, preserve, celebrate and of course eat apples and pears this September.

Find out more at foodfutures.org.uk/share-the-harvest


Sep 18 2023

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