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Composting food waste from SMEs in North Lancashire

New research into the feasibility of collecting and composting inedible food waste from SMEs in Lancaster District has just been published.
Closing Loops Community Composting Coordinator Diana McIntyre will present the research findings, including four potential models for diverting food waste from small and medium sized enterprises in the district into compost. We’ll then take a deep dive into the recommended models to explore ways to make them a reality.

Whether you are a business owner, council member, researcher, keen composter or otherwise interested, this session will be a great opportunity to understand the research findings and recommended models, to network with others who are interested in making better use of business food waste and to explore tackling the issue as a way to take effective climate action locally.

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Download the new feasibility study: Could business food waste in North Lancashire be collected and composted in a closed loop system?


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Jun 18 2024


10:30 - 13:00

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