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Campus fruit rescue at Lancaster Uni

Join Closing Loops and the Ecohub on 18 September for an afternoon of apple picking and sharing ahead of the start of the Michaelmas term. This glean will bring people from across the Lancaster University campus together to stop fruit waste, distributing apples across campus with any leftovers being distributed to local food charities.

Monday 18 September, afternoon.

If you’re interested in coming along, please fill in this form or just come to the Ecohub on the day.


Support Share the Harvest

If there are fruit trees to pick near you, along canals, on streets, in your or your neighbours’ gardens, or anywhere else (that’s not someone’s private land without their permission!), please get in touch or sign up for a glean on the Share the Harvest page.

If there is somewhere you know of that has apples that might be at risk of going to waste, consider whether you could organise some people in the area to pick them, do apple bobbing, make some chutney, donate to your local food club etc.


Sep 18 2023


08:00 - 18:00

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