FoodFutures and the Closing Loops project have a vision of a local food future that is healthier for people and the planet. This involves promoting positive changes to how we eat, such as:

  • local, seasonal and sustainably/regeneratively produced food,
  • cooking more and learning skills to preserve food,
  • eating more plants and less and better meat, eggs and dairy; better meaning a focus on organic, free range and pasture-fed animal products,
  • reducing food waste,
  • and promoting access to good food for all.

To achieve this vision of a better food future for all, the Closing Loops project is establishing a network of growers, farmers, chefs, community cooks and passionate volunteers to build community food skills and support good food procurement.

If you share this vision, consider joining: There are many ways to get involved, for example by running a cooking demo, attending a cooking class, organising community cooking events, learning or sharing ways to reduce food waste and preparing healthy and delicious dishes. Scroll down and find out more.

Would you like to run a fruit preservation, cooking or baking workshop as part of this year’s Share the Harvest festival?

Chefs and Community Cooks Network

Do you have professional experience or a keen passion for cooking? And are you interested in sharing their skills in food and cooking with others in your local community? We can support you in running events, or you could support events as a volunteer. 

Volunteer for cooking events and workshops

A photo of three people cooking at a market stall

Support a whole range of events, cooking demos and market stalls, celebrating and sharing local, seasonal and sustainably produced food. As a volunteer, you could support community chefs in running community food skills activities. Cooking skills are welcome, but you don’t need to be experienced – there is something to help with for all levels of confidence. 

Borrow a cooking kit for your event

A photo of a cupboard full of cooking utensils

The Closing Loops project has a growing kit of cooking equipment that is available to borrow for community groups and organisations in Lancaster District for community cooking events. View a list of available items

2022-11-03 World Cafe Carnforth (30)


Do you have a favourite recipe with a local story, or using local ingredients? Share your recipe in THRIVE magazine or scroll down to find local food recipes.

Plot photos

What’s in season?

Find out what’s growing locally and what’s best at this time of year.


Local food suppliers

Find a local supplier and a wide range of food activities in Lancaster District in the local food directory

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Workshops & events

The Closing Loops project supports a wide range of food skills workshops and events. Get in touch to share your skills or join a training session.  

Join a working group

If you are passionate about food skills, you are welcome to join the meetings of the community food skills working group



To find out more about how to get involved with Closing Loops around food and cooking skills, please get in touch with the Closing Loops Food and Chefs Network Coordinator Silvia.


Closing Loops is a collaborative project created to stimulate a thriving local economy in North Lancashire. You can find out more about Closing Loops and the team members on the Closing Loops project page


Closing Loops is a FoodFutures project launched in 2022 and funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund. It brings together six key local organisations (LESS, Lancaster District CVS, Eggcup, Global Link, Shared Future and Scientists For Global Responsibility) in order to take forward big chunks of ‘Our Food Futures: a community food strategy for North Lancashire’. 

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