Procurement Working Group

Where local businesses and institutions choose to spend their money can have a big impact on the ability of local food producers to thrive.

Procurement is the process of buying goods and services. It can be an extremely powerful tool for increasing the environmental and social sustainability of food supply, and forsupporting a resilient local food economy.

The Food Economy and Procurement working group looks to embed sustainable procurement practices within local businesses and institutions, including the council, hospitals, schools and universities.

This group currently meets every two months

This group’s two year priorities:

Develop a cross-sector procurement forum

Annual activities

  • Develop case studies that highlight good practice around regenerative food procurement – feeding into FoodFutures magazine, food columns, blogs, videos and an annual campaign.
  • Research to better understand the barriers and opportunities for local and sustainable food procurement in local institutions. Read our: Procuring Food for the Future report.

Case Studies


How to get involved

If you are interested in supporting the work of the food economy and procurement working group, contact Ellen Pearce: You can find dates of upcoming meetings, learn about our future plans and read past minutes here.

Use our resources to start shifting food procurement in a school or workplace that you are connected to.

Procurement Resources

Procuring Food for the Future

Procuring Food for the Future was written in collaboration with the University of Leeds, Lancaster University, FoodFutures (North Lancashire’s Sustainable Food Network) and FoodWise Leeds (Leeds Food Partnership). It explores the role anchor institutions can play in creating a better food system – one that underpins local food economies and the health of the earth’s ecosystems. The report highlights examples of good practice whilst also exploring the challenges and barriers to implementing better food procurement; bringing insights from interviews with procurement professionals at a number of anchor institutions in Leeds and Lancaster.

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