Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance (LDFPA) Working Group

Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance (LDFPA) was first convened in June 2018, when various organisations came together following the Sustainable Food Cities (now FoodFutures) Re:Fresh event where food poverty was raised as an important local issue.

Since then the Alliance has grown and now encompasses a wide range of organisations drawn from key public sector authorities, third sector organisations, charities and faith groups.

The LDFPA meets monthly and feeds into FoodFutures quarterly partnership meetings and wider sustainable food work.

LDFPA’s core purpose is to advocate for and implement changes that contribute towards reducing the number of people in the district that are affected by food poverty. They are working to deliver a five-year action plan that seeks to create a district where everyone is well fed and nourished. 

This group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

This group’s two year priorities:

Secure funding
  • For a full-time coordinator of the Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance (LDFPA) to build on and grow collaboration across our food support network.
  • To develop accessible referral pathways to be used by agencies, organisations and communities across the district to signpost different food support options.
  • To develop the food ladder approach for the district to join up different levels of the food support system from crisis food support to food clubs and pantries, to the wider network of sustainable, community food initiatives.
Map surplus and affordable food
  • Identify opportunities across the district to maximise food available. Identify optimal redistribution networks for this food.
Raise the profile of:
  • The LDFPA with local communities, businesses, institutions, health sector and others, creating opportunities for local investment and support of the diverse food support network in the district.
  • Training that covers: tackling food insecurity; cooking on a money/energy/time budget; cooking seasonally from scratch; setting up a community food club; recognising signs of food poverty; and signposting to support pathways.
Annual activities:
  • Develop case studies that highlight good practice around access to healthy food – feeding into FoodFutures magazine, food columns, blogs, videos and campaigns.
  • Host conversations around food poverty to enable communities and those with lived experience to shape local food support work.

Read our 5 year Action Plan

LDPFA Action Plan (click the image)

1-Page Summary (click the image)

How to get involved

  • If you are interested in supporting the work of the Lancaster District Food Poverty Alliance contact Rachel Tyrrell-Smith for more information
  • Support EggCup’s food distribution work by emailing
  • Support one of the food club and food bank projects listed on our Local Food Directory as a volunteer or member.
  • Support Morecambe and Lancaster Foodbanks financially by donating at:

Food Poverty Resources

Aims to strengthen the ability of local communities to reduce food poverty, through solutions developed in partnership and with the support of peers from across the UK.

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Case Studies

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