Add your voice to the call for change by writing a letter to your local MP

Writing to your MP is the best way to make your feelings known, and encourage change at the top level.

You’re welcome to use this one, and customise it to include the things that matter to you. It’s based on years of research and experience from our partners at Citizens Advice.

Dear (insert the name of your MP here)

Millions of people are struggling with the cost of living at the moment. As a resident of (insert your constituency here) I am really worried about those on the lowest incomes and how they will cope this Winter.

Citizens Advice North Lancashire’s research shows that while the measures the Government has brought in around bills are very welcome and helpful, the rates at which benefits are paid are just too low for people to be able to afford the basics.

The research can be found at:

The recommendations in the report are as follows:

  • Deductions for debt to the DWP or other agencies should not exceed 5% of benefits,
  • Claimants should be individuals, not couples,
  • The 5-week wait for money should be removed and money awarded faster, as a grant, not a loan,
  • The two-child limit and benefits cap should be removed,
  • The housing rate should be paid up to the median rent in any given area,
  • The under 25s rate should be abolished and one rate paid to all adults,
  • It should be easier and faster for disabled or unwell clients to get additional help.

Citizens Advice North Lancashire is part of the Lancaster District Food Justice Partnership, which is a group of charities and organisations who work to provide food to those who are struggling to afford it. Demand for help from foodbanks is going up, as people’s wages and benefit levels stagnate and living costs soar. We know that the changes listed above would make a big difference to people who are living on benefits. In addition we would call on the Chancellor to raise benefits and pensions as soon as possible, to reflect rising prices. As your constituent, I hope you will support this.

Please help to influence change, so that those who have the lowest incomes are not left in destitution this Winter.

Yours sincerely,
(Insert your name here. It also helps to include your address, so your MP can write back to you)

If you would like any advice on writing a letter to your MP, please contact us.

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