Food and Health Working Group

This group exists to celebrate and nurture healthy food cultures and the many different skills that we need to grow, cook, preserve and share healthy food in North Lancashire. We believe that good healthy food should be a celebration of life.  We currently meet every two months to develop strategic work and projects around the healthy food theme.

This group is currently working on:

  • Coordinating Lancaster’s annual Lost Art of Living Health Festival.
  • Developing case studies that highlight good practice around healthy food.
  • Weaving healthy food into the wider partnership’s work.


How to get involved

If you are interested in supporting the work of the food and health working group, contact Anna Clayton for more information You can find dates of upcoming meetings and read past minutes here.

Start your own healthy food project! We would love to hear about your ideas and support you where we can. We can also list new projects on the local food directory and promote your work in our weekly food column and via our networks.

There are LOADS of food-related skills events going on in the District all the time, so check out our calendar to see what’s on over the coming weeks.

Case Studies

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