Communications and Engagement Working Group

A communications and engagement strategy was created to support the implementation of the FoodFutures Strategy. This working group is here to successfully take forward, develop, implement, and review this communications and engagement strategy, with the aim of supporting FoodFutures’ vision of creating ‘a thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair’. 

This working group pulls together FoodFutures core communications team and those from the wider partnership and network.

Focussing on both internal and external communications, this working group pilots projects, develops the communications and engagement strategy, offers support to those in our network, hosts skills shares and acts as the decision making board for projects such as THRIVE magazine and the Good Food Manifesto.

This group meets every month.

This group’s priorities are:

Communications and Engagement Strategy: 

  • Take forward, develop, implement and review the FoodFutures communications and engagement strategy 


  • Develop the citizen journalism model 
  • Share local food stories from across Lancaster District 
  • Create a distribution model 
  • Make THRIVE magazine self sufficient 
  • THRIVEpod podcast launch

Good Food Manifesto:

  • Work with hospitality businesses 
  • Share FoodFutures vision and implement it within businesses
  • Access to corporate funding

Community Engagement:

  • Create a network of local food champions across Lancaster District 
  • Attend events across Lancaster District  
  • Develop an interactive stall for events and markets

How to get involved

If you are interested in supporting the work of the communications and engagement working group, contact Amy Kohl for more information

The last half an hour of each working group meeting is left open for anyone to come with any queries regarding communications and engagement. Please contact if you would like to join. 

You can find dates of upcoming meetings and read past minutes here.

If you would like to make use of our social media channels, website calendar, weekly food column or THRIVE magazine – please send in any proposals using this google form.

To become a Local Food Champion fill in this google form.

Communications and Engagement Resources

Our Food Stories: A Communications and Engagement Strategy, has been created in response to the publication of Our Food Futures: A Community Food Strategy for North Lancashire. In creating this, FoodFutures working group members from across the network have critically thought through our theory of change and our approach to communications and engagement.

We have questioned: How can we unlock the Our Food Futures strategy and bring about its vision whilst cultivating an inclusive and welcoming movement of change in the district?

This communications and engagement strategy seeks to merge both worlds –  online and in person – in order to bring people together across our District and food system. In so doing, it seeks to build communities of support, action and a place-based movement of change.

If successful, ‘Our Food Stories: A Communications and Engagement Strategy’ will bring us closer to attaining FoodFutures vision of a  “thriving local food system that is healthy, resilient and fair”.

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