Closing Loops is a collaborative project created to stimulate a thriving local food economy in North Lancashire.

The Closing Loops project is cultivating a regenerative food economy by building a composting academy, gleaning network, citizen journalist movement and co-creating North Lancashire recipes. 

It will create and cultivate an ecosystem of people from all walks of life taking responsibility and working together to reconnect people, place, community and nature. Closing Loops aims to move us from sustainable to regenerative by linking up existing initiatives and co-developing new solutions in order to: 

  • Create inspiring new visions of the world we’d like to live in; 
  • Enable everyone in our region to have access to food that is of good quality, locally sourced, seasonal, sustainably produced and sustainably packaged food, 
  • Use resources wisely and transform waste into a valuable local resource;
  • Support people in developing and sharing the skills we need for a new regenerative economy; 
  • And scale out beyond our district by building a model for a regional REconomy that works and nourishes people. 

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FarmStart programme starts 26 Feb 2021 PM


Are you interested in community composting in your neighbourhood? Would like to learn more about composting or have composting skills and experience you would like to share? Please get in touch with our Composting Coordinator Diana.

Chopped vegetables on a board


Would you like to share your cooking skills with your local community? Please contact our North Lancashire Food & Chef Network Coordinator Endar to have a chat about all things cooking.  

Plot photos


Do you grow food in North Lancashire and are not able to harvest everything this season? If you would like to host a glean on your land, please contact our Gleaning Coordinator Jay. 

Market stall with products


Would you like to set up shop at one of our popular seasonal markets in Lancaster? Or are you keen to write for THRIVE community food magazine? Please contact our Communications Coordinator Andi.

Many hands joined together


Do you have ideas for a social enterprise or a project that helps local communities and the environment to flourish? Would you like to get involved in building the new regenerative economy? Contact Jonnet, our REconomy Coordinator.


You can find out more about the members of the Closing Loops project team and view their contact details on the FoodFutures team page


We need your help closing loops in North Lancashire. Together we can stop wasting food and other resources and create a thriving local food economy. There are lots of different ways to get involved:

  • Take part in events on cooking, composting, gleaning or making and upcycling – look out for Closing Loops events on the FoodFutures calendar.
  • Share your knowledge and skills- education, catering, retail, growers, business, community organisations, local residents – we need your ideas and creativity.
  • Join the FoodFutures Healthy Food and Environment Group and drop in on working group meetings. Contact Rachel, the Closing Loops Project Coordinator, for more information.


Closing Loops is a new FoodFutures project funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund. It brings together six key local organisations (LESS, Lancaster District CVS, Eggcup, Global Link, Shared Future and Scientists For Global Responsibility) in order to take forward big chunks of ‘Our Food Futures: a community food strategy for North Lancashire’. 

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