Welcome to Food Futures!

We are a social enterprise based in Buckfastleigh, South Devon, focused on enabling communities to improve their level of food self sufficiency and sustainability.

In our changing world where increasingly dramatic fluctuations in weather and fuel prices are affecting the sustainability of food imports, we need to create food production and distribution systems which are closer to home and more ecologically sustainable over the longer term.

We are engaged in a wide range of projects and activities across South Devon which are working to create a more resilient and sustainable local food economy. They include:

  • Food Futures Veg Box Scheme
    Fantastic organic vegetables and fruit grown by inspirational small-scale local growers, delivered to your door.
    Call Andrew to place an order or for more info on 07765 476399
  • The Land Projects Network
    Engage in volunteering and training opportunities growing food out on the land, and join our vibrant social network.
    Check out the website here or call Roly to get involved and learn new skills on 01364 642636
  • The Albion Apple Project
    Mapping orchards across South Devon, harvesting, storing and processing fruit to maximise our local apple harvest.
    Call Sunni to record your orchard location and book an apple pressing on 07513 051514
  • Town Mill Market Garden
    Transforming a piece of derelict land in the centre of Buckfastleigh into a productive and vibrant market garden.
    Call Rachel to join the South Devon Growers Network and start supplying your veg on 07786 330073

If you are interested in creating greater food resilience wherever you are in South Devon, do get in touch, we look forward to working with you for a better future 🙂

The full website is on its way…